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Soigne Icons

icons of class and glamour

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soigne (swân'yey) - adjective
1.polished and well-groomed; 2.showing sophisticated elegance

This is a female celebrity icon community.

1 // All icons MUST be credited to either soigneicons or entropiclies. There is nothing worse than looking at someone's journal, clicking on their userpics and seeing one of your icons with no credit. Honestly.
2 // I won't even pretend i'm kind by saying please. Do NOT claim that any of these icons are your own. If someone likes the icon, point them in this direction so they can see all of the icons of that collection that they like.
3 // Okay, so I guess you don't have to comment if you don't want to... but comments make me feel happy. They are appreciated. Comments also let me know who you like, what you like, etc.
4 // NEVER hotlink! If I find this happening I will take the icons down without hesitation.
5 // If you would like to become a maker, than please ask me here. If you are posting more than four icons, please use a cut. Also include some teasers.

None yet. If you would like to be one, ask here.

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